Cyber Physical Systems and Co-joint Data Mining for Business Intelligence

05 August 2014 By In IFIP TC12 Blog

Keynote Seminar delivered at IFIP TC12 AI Summer School, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 5-6 August 2014

Prof. Dr Eliyaneth Chang 

Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) emerged from the Internet of Things are now widely adopted in industry and government. It connects computational artifacts to the physical world objects. It provides new theories and engineering practices and allows us to model cyber and physical resources in a unified framework. It provides us with real time data and information, coupled with real time data mining techniques which enables real time business analytics and intelligence.

Prof. Chang jointly developed a novel architecture which allows the connection of sensors/actuators into the internet in a form suitable for standardized finding and invocation of sensors/actuators based on the Web of Things. This allows direct connection of real-world objects with the internet in contrast to the earlier web which allows connection of virtual objects.

She has also developed a method for real-time data mining for real-time monitoring, estimation, prediction, displaying and sharing of traffic flow information and its use for routing, methods for characterizing Quality of Service, the Semantics that support CPS Systems, trust, security and risks in CPS.

In this talk, Prof. Chang will introduce the CPS framework and how it integrates the physical objects to the cyber-objects. Prof. Chang will uses this framework to demonstrate real-time data and information monitoring, fusion and control in the area of Transport Logistics, Health, Defence, Energy and Offshore Oil Platforms area, and highlight the most challenging area in CPS which is the capability of co-joint real time data mining.  

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